Unique Wines Since 1486

Can Vallès

A Historic


Our story is fortunately very long. Can Valles de la Riera exists, since 1486, the year in which Jeroni Valles married the Elionor Guerau and founded our family, which, curiously, has maintained the surname Vallès to this day. Since 1486, there have been 22 generations, one after another, who have guarded and passed from parents to children this wonderful farm, with vines, olive trees, almond trees, pine forest and holm oaks.

XaXaXa Can Valles
Xarel·lo & Chardonnay


The wine name XaXaXa (pronounced cha-cha-cha) reflects the sound at the beginning of the word Xarel.lo (cha sound), and also that of the word Chardonnay. The third Xa adds the rhythm and joy that this wine carries, giving the name of the dance Cha-cha-cha (Xa-Xa-Xa).

Can Vallès

Our farm has been adapted to each time, has been enlarged and improved. Each generation has adapted to its time and has been bringing its own touch. There have been good times, especially the second half of the XIX, and very difficult times, of wars, of price drops of wine and grapes, of diseases. But, one way or another, complicated times have been going on, and we've been able to get to this day.