Organic Vineyards

The farm is located in a privileged place, in the Mediterranean basin, just 60 km southwest of the city of Barcelona, and 20 km from the sea, which can be seen perfectly from the top of the mountain range above the house. The vines are at a height ranging from 330 m to 400 m. The soil is calcareous, with an clay area and another area of frank and stony terrain. Rainfall is about 550 mm per year, allowing us to grow the vines in dry-farming.

Site-specific characteristics

of soils and grapes

Where are we?

Penedès:A first class region
The farm is crossed by the Pontons river, which formerly carried a lot of water and irrigated a good area of orchards. The beans that were grown were famous, they say of very good quality. The river also provided the water to move a flour mill, one of several flour mills along the river. In the second half of the nineteenth century, during the very dry summers, the mill operated with a steam engine, which is why a high brick chimney was built, octagonally, which today endures, impeccable, as a symbol of another era. Flour mills disappeared in the early 20th century when flour factories were made.

Environmental awareness

We are totally dependent on our environment, just as it is dependent on us. That is why we grow our products organically and sustainably.
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