Our Wines

We've always made wine in Can Vallès. The grapes were pressed into the winery, first with cage presses and with manual force, and then, as early as XX, with mechanical presses moved by pulleys and belts from a central electric motor. The wine fermented in underground tanks and vats (raised tanks), and a very fine and elegant wine was made. The wine was stored in cups and chestnut barrels until it was sold, in bulk, at the time when the sales prices were more favorable. Our wine had a reputation for quality wine, of being very good. This was due to the fact that, due to the situation of the farm and its height, most grapes were harvested quite late, at the end of September and during October, when the temperatures were already very cool. This drop in temperature allowed for slow fermentations that maintained the aromas very well and gave very fine and elegant wines, wines that in the nineteenth century were even exported to France. The fresh autumn temperature was the 'controlled temperature' of those times.

XaXaXa Can Valles


The wine name XaXaXa (pronounced cha-cha-cha) reflects the sound at the beginning of the word Xarel.lo (cha sound), and also that of the word Chardonnay. The third Xa adds the rhythm and joy that this wine carries, giving the name of the dance Cha-cha-cha (Xa-Xa-Xa).

Xarello Can Valles


Wine made from biodynamic grapes of Xarel.lo, the historical variety of our region, coming from DEMETER certified vineyards. Our biodynamic viticulture, the diversity of vineyards, and a very slow spontaneous fermentation make this marvellous wine, so subtle and complex.